Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods – Book Review

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods
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Brief description of the book.

This book is a detailed description of the 12 major Greek Olympian Gods. Don’t worry, it does not get boring!


What made me choose to read this book?

I have already read the books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. And some of my friends also recommended me this book.


What did I feel after reading the last page of the book?

I felt like this was one of the rare books that talk about history but make it sound interesting.


Would I recommend this book to someone or not and why?

Duh! I would recommend it to all Percy Jackson fans and all people who love mythical stuff.


Any movie/tv series based on this book?




  • Shows us that sometimes history can be interesting.


  • Some people might get bored if they do not like mythology

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8 Total Score

This book is recommended for people who like magic.

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