Sanam Re Movie Review

Sanam Re Movie Review

Movie begins with Pulkit leaving his home back in Himachal & his childhood sweetheart ‘Shruti’ behind to earn a living in Mumbai. Later on to save his job, he travels to Canada to get a contract where he ends up having an affair with Aakansha (Urvashi Rauthela). But then he meets his childhood sweetheart again & feelings for one another arises. But as destiny loves to play the evil game, they part ways.Sanam Re Movie Poster Image 1

Why do they part is for you to find out if you have a lot of time at your disposal?

Movie has scenic landscapes to offer.

Gorgeously captured are the snow clad mountains, narrow roads etc. Music along with a few dialogues/ one liners are a treat but unfortunately all this including the hot Pulkit isn’t enough for this movie to sail through. Movie takes you through unnecessary flashbacks just serving the right purpose of eating your time. Movie displays rawness at its peak as if it’s directed by an amateur.

Sanam Re Movie Poster Image 2Let me share with you some….
1. Director Divya Khosla dancing on an item number when she just doesn’t have the moves. What a turn off! Sorry this selling skill isn’t working, Divya? Why put your audience through this torture?
2. How does Shruti land in Canada? What is she doing for a living? Was she following Aakash?
3. Bharti is hilarious in the movie but she teaching yoga in Canada & communicating in Hindi to foreigners is a little too much to digest.
4. Why does Aakansha (Urvashi Rauthela) not confess that she too is Aakash’s childhood friend? Strange.

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