Candy Camera App Review

Candy Camera App Review


Candy Camera App

Are you a selfie fan! If yes then this app will be good for taking your selfies. Candy camera is a app that let you to take amazing selfie on your smartphone. With this app you can take beautiful selfie anywhere, anytime and no need of secondary editing. You can do thousand of editing before taking selfie. Thousand of filters and effect make the photo look like never before. This diverse range of filters are specially used to take selfie. The camera has everything that you want including mute mode, automatic saving of original photo, photo stacking and much more. The silent camera feature helps you to take pictures silent pictures. We can change the photo size.

Candy Camera App Review

Candy Camera App Review

Swipe the screen to any sides to change the filter. You will be bored due to swiping because there are 100 ‘s of filters.

Candy Camera Review - Android App

Candy Camera Review – Android App

Rather than filter and effects, there are stickers.


  • Material design applied
  • Setting and UI Altered
  • Collage bugs fixed
  • New filters
  • Fixed black screen bugs


  • Added stickers
  • 100’s of filters
  • Silent camera
  • Collage feature
  • Beauty function to enhance picture.
  • Can sent a short timer
  • Can change photo size

Candy camera also offers you different types of frames. It can also remove blemish. If this app is in your phone wherever you go you will take the selfies. So this app will help the selfie lovers.

I am a 8th grade student and a tech savvy.

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