Dry Hands: How to Prevent It

It is important to wash your hands regularly to stay protected from germs. However, it is obvious that this can dry them out. Additionally, if you live in a cold place, this may play a role in making your hands dry. In this post, I will be discussing my tips from personal experience on how to treat dry hands, and better yet, how to prevent this from happening.

  1. Use the right type of cream to moisturize your hands.

While you may find it simpler to use a body lotion in place of a hand cream to moisturize your hand, it is may be better to use a hand cream. This is because lotions are usually water-based, which may lead to them evaporating fast, which does not give enough time for the skin to repair itself. Additionally, hand creams are heavier and longer lasting. Hence, after washing your hands, it is essential to use a good quality hand cream to prevent dry hands. Petroleum jelly works wonders too!

2. Wear gloves while doing house chores

If you are doing house chores such as washing dishes or clothes, which involve you having to use your hands in water for prolonged periods, then it is best to use gloves to avoid dry hands. Otherwise, your hands might get dried off of their natural oils, leading to dry skin.

3. Avoid using hand dryers.

If your hands are constantly dry, consider avoiding hand dryers. Instead, wipe your hands with some tissue paper, or better, a towel. Apply a hand cream or petroleum jelly while still damp.

If you follow the above tips, it may help in healing dry skin on your hands, or prevent it from drying. However, if the condition persists, or you notice cracks in your hands, then you must visit your dermatologist as this may indicate towards a medical condition.

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