5 Easy Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin

Healthy skin: As the whether changes it can get increasingly difficult to keep up with it, in terms of our skincare routines. Not to mention, nobody has the time to do a ten-step skincare routine on our busy mornings, or are too tired to do them at night. While they do have their benefits, here are some simple steps and things to keep in mind so that your skin gets the best chance to stay healthy and beautiful, regardless of the weather or your tedious work schedule.

  1. Use sunscreen: Too much of exposure to the sun can cause your skin to have wrinkle and age spots. So, it is important to apply sunscreen. Be generous with how much you apply, and be sure to apply it at regular intervals, especially if you are outdoors often.
  2. Take Shorter Showers: Extremely hot and long showers can remove the oils your skin naturally produces, hence making it dry. If possible, also try to use cold water while showering.
  3. Exfoliation: Use a non irritating acid cleanser daily to lightly exfoliate your skin. This will help to remove the dead cells and leave your skin glowing. Avoid harsh scrubs.
  4. Apply Skincare Products at the Correct Time of the Day: The best time to apply your skincare products is right after you hop out of the shower. This helps the moisture to stay locked in.
  5. Eat Loads of Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods: Green leafy vegetables and berries are the best source of anti-oxidants.

There are many more ways of ensuring your skin stays healthy, but the above were just a few of them which are easy to follow.


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